Mohawk “Lifts” the Future of Mobility with the Local Motors Olli

Mohawk Lift’s President Steve Perlstein & Business Development Manager Zach Perlstein at Local Motor’s Sales & Service Facility in National Harbor

Mohawk Lifts is excited to announce that Local Motors has chosen Mohawk’s System-1 to support assembly and service of the highly-anticipated autonomous, 100% electric, partially 3D-printed shuttle, Olli.

Olli is transforming urban mobility by offering a local travel solution for densely populated areas, including in the public spaces and urban centers where Mohawk has been doing business for nearly 40 years. Local Motors is addressing an increasingly urgent need: providing a transportation solution for the elderly and those with physical disabilities.

Local Motors’ microfactory strategy leverages Mohawk’s 10,000lb System-1 Two-Post Lift for both production and maintenance. “Having visited their facilities, Local Motors is clearly investing for the long-term,” said Mohawk President Steve Perlstein. “As with our best customers: when they invest in the future, they invest in Mohawk. When you need dependability and longevity, there’s no comparison.”

#AccessibleOlli’s 3D Printed Body and Frame Engaged with Mohawk’s System 1, 10,000lb. Two-Post Vehicle Lift

“U.S. manufacturing is at the core of Mohawk’s DNA, and it’s encouraging to see emerging companies like Local Motors manufacture domestically.” Perlstein added, “I’m excited to soon see Olli in the city and municipal garages that Mohawk has been serving for years.”

Since 1981, Mohawk has manufactured the highest quality, safest auto and truck garage lifts available. There are tens of thousands of Mohawk lifts in the field that are 25+ years old, used every day, and that will be for years to come.  Mohawk is the #1 lift supplier for all government, state, utility, and fleet lifting requirements. Mohawk’s popularity is based on a combination of safety systems, design, construction, longevity, and the most inclusive warranty in the lift industry. 

More information on Local Motors and Olli can be found at

Olli on a Mohawk System-1 at one of Local Motors’ microfactories in Chandler, AZ