Dare to Compare 2 Post Lifts

Ask Before You Buy A Two Post Lift

  1. Where is the lift and all components manufactured?
  2. Is the lift ALI/ETL certified to meet the one and only national nationally recognized safety standard?
  3. Does the lift have a 25 year structural and 10 year mechanical warranty?
  4. For stability, how large is the base (footprint) of the lift?
  5. Is the lift footprint made of 3/4″ steel plate?
  6. Does the lift offer a limited lifetime cylinder warranty?
  7. Does the lift offer a weight gauge? (To be assured that the vehicle is lowered onto the locks? to use as a diagnostic and sales tool when a vehicle weighs more than it should when selling better brakes, tires, or shocks).
  8. Does the lift offer a SPEEDLANE for faster loading and unloading of the vehicle?
  9. Is the column made of 3/4″ thick high strength fork lift mast or 1/8″ thick bent sheet metal?
  10. Do the carriages ride up and down on double sealed self lubricating ball bearing rollers or plastic slide blocks?
  11. How many anchor bolts are securing the column to the shop floor?
  12. Does the lift have a clear floor and an adjustable height overhead hydraulic line or an overhead piece of sheet metal to limit lifting height (or make the lift too tall to fit in the bay?)
  13. Does the lift use stainless steel hydraulic lines or rubber hydraulic hoses?
  14. Does the lift offer a turf kit adaptor to also service turf maintenance equipment?
  15. How low are the swing arms to get under low riding vehicles?
  16. How large are the swing arm bolts (to maintain level swing arms vs. arms that droop)?
  17. Does the lift include truck adaptors or are they optional?
  18. Do the mechanical safety locks start engaging immediately or not until 18 or 24″?
  19. Will the lift fit into a 10’6″ ceiling bay and still fully raise a 4′ tall car?
  20. Does the lift rise a full 6′ UNDERNEATH the swing arms or 6′ when measured to the top of the swing arm?
  21. Does the lift operate with a cable (wire rope), a leaf chain, or on a direct drive lifting system?
  22. Does the lift have both internal and external hydraulic safeties?
  23. How large are the cylinders that power the lift?
  24. Are the arm restraints an all position restraint or a bolted on gear (which “chips” teeth)?
  25. Does the lifting carriage cradle the swing arm or does the arm bolt around the carriage?
  26. If you are standing under a lift do you want a single locking system or a dual locking system?
  27. If extending the overhead height, how much will it cost for lengthening the steel hydraulic lines, vs. longer steel cables, additional overhead height extenders, additional high pressure hose, longer safety cables and additional installation costs?
  28. If you were going to jump from an airplane, would you want the best parachute made or the cheapest?