Question 7

Does the lift offer a weight gauge?

Mohawk Lifts offers a weight gauge to verify the lift has been lowered onto the mechanical locks.

Mohawk’s weight gauge will increase each bays income by $50/week. (used as a diagnostic and sales tool to sell better brakes, tires, or load levelers instead of just shocks to your customers).

Mohawk’s safety weight gauge will:

  • aid in vehicle diagnosis by measuring weight within 3% accuracy
  • install directly into the hydraulic system
  • be easy to read
  • be used as a diagnostic sales tool, the weight gauge will help you sell better quality and higher margin brake parts, shocks, tires, etc.
  • be available for all Mohawk two-post lifts
  • allow techs and shop managers to know the lift has been lowered and is locked on the mechanical locks
  • be ALI/ETL certified

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