Question 19

If ever damaged, do electrical cables and communication cables quickly connect to the column or are they hard wired into the lift (requiring longer replacement time or an electrician)?

Competitor Auto Lift Warning Label
Rotary Lift Warning Decal

Every lift comes with different warning labels. Ask to see them before you make a lift purchase.

Competitor warning label warns users not to:

  • Operate the lift in temperatures below 41° or above 104° F.
  • Use the lift on asphalt
  • Operate the lift on a floor slope greater than 1/8” per foot side to side and ¼” per foot front to rear of vehicle (meaning .6° slope which is less than 1°)
  • Raise a vehicle if tires are not properly inflated.

Mohawk understands that lifts operate in many conditions and Mohawk has worked hard to brings users a quality products that fits all of your lifting needs (hot, cold, or not perfectly level shop floors).

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