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Government Product News

Reprinted with permission of Government Product News, May 1992 LIFT COST JUSTIFICATION Gary Dow of the 94th Army Command (Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts) in charge of fleet maintenance, was given the responsibility for purchasing vehicle service lifts for the ten northeast maintenance facilities under his control. Dow’s lift capacity requirements ranged from HUMVEES to […]

What is the Best Vehicle Lift System?

Reprinted with permission of Public Works Magazine, November 1993 Whether it is the city, county, or state level, government agencies are always trying to find cost-effective solutions to equipment needs. Before investing tens of thousands of dollars in a new product, purchasing decisions have to be carefully researched, and each product’s advantages and disadvantages carefully […]

A-2.6 Vehicle Maintenance Equipment

Reprinted with permission of Public Works, April 1994 Lifts. The necessary inclusion of vehicle lifts in public works garages often requires municipalities to choose between in-ground and above-ground units. Service pits and in-ground lifts require excavations and consequently fall under the jurisdiction of Federal and state regulatory agencies, such as OSHA and the EPA. OSHA […]

Lift Basics

Reprinted with permission of PTEN, May 1994 There is no doubt, a lift will improve productivity. Shop owners have reported productivity increases of up to 30-percent from stalls with lifts compared to stalls without lifts. Correctly selecting, installing and maintaining a lift will ensure years of trouble free service; ensuring consistent productivity from the repair […]

When You Need A Lift

Reprinted with permission of Fleet Equipment, February 1995 It should come as no surprise to read that your job is becoming more and more complicated. Vehicle models and types are proliferating. Operational requirements are changing. Component technology is growing in sophistication. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules combine with federal, state and local environmental […]

Uplifting Experience

Reprinted with permission of MOTOR Magazine, August 1995 What do oil changes, brake jobs, tranny pulls, suspension work, exhaust replacements and oil pan R&R have in common? They all go a heck of allot faster and smoother when a lift keeps a vehicle at just the right height for your techs’ experienced hands. Face it, […]

What To Look For When Buying a Lift

Reprinted with permission of Professional Tool and Equipment News, May 1996 In buying a lift, our study shows that shop owners consider capacity, design, product features, safety systems, and the manufacturer to be the most important features. Since 87% of lifts sold are 2-post, surface mounted units, we will limit our report to this style. […]

Wheel Engaging Lift Adaptors

Reprinted with permission of Motor Magazine, September 1996 Electric and alternate-fuel vehicles are on the way – courtesy of the Clean Air Act amendments. And make no mistake about it, we’re all in for a lengthy learning curve before we get comfortable working on them. That’s assuming we can get them up into the air […]

Local Business Gives Movie a Lift

By: Maggie McGuire Amsterdam Recorder – June 2005 This weekend, go see the new movie “Herbie: Fully Loaded.” Don’t go because you want to relive an old favorite (“The Love Bug”) or because you’re in love with Lindsay Lohan, though. Go because an Amsterdam native is featured in the film. Two hydraulic car lifts made […]

An Education in Two-Post Lifts

WHY DOES SOMEBODY BUY A LIFT? Is it to make more money or is it to make a difficult job easier? Do people buy lifts to save time or to save money? The answer is: People buy lifts for all these reasons. Simply stated, a decision to purchase a lift is motivated by productivity and […]