4 Post Truck Lifts & Automotive Lifts

Select one of the four post garage service lifts below for detailed information and a variety of photographs. Our 4 post car and truck lifts give you unrestricted under-vehicle access. You get fully interlocked, redundant safety systems. The TR-35, 50 & 75 heavy duty lifts feature Mohawk’s patented infinite-positioning mechanical stop.

Models: TR-19 & TR-25

19,000 & 25,000 lb. Capacity Four Post Vehicle Lifts

The TR-19 & TR-25 four post automotive lifts will accommodate all passenger cars trucks, utility vehicles, small R.V.’s. The TR-19 & TR-25 offer a full 6’ of unrestricted under-vehicle access. Equipped with 20′ runways and available “wheels free” rolling jacks to raise the tires off the tracks for wheel, brake and axle service.

TR Series: TR-33, TR-35, TR-50 & TR-75

33,000–75,000 lb. Capacity 4 Post Garage Lifts

The Mohawk TR-33 thru TR-75 model 4 post automotive lifts are all capable of raising all types of public works vehicles including; winged snow plow trucks, loaders, buses & all regular type passenger vehicles. Mohawk lifts feature the most under-vehicle access available for all types of repairs & p.m.’s. and are available with rolling “wheels-free” jacks to raise the tires off the tracks for tire & axle service.

Models: TR-110 & TR-120

110,000 & 120,000 lb. Capacity 4-Post Auto Lifts

Mohawk’s TR-110 & TR-120 four post auto and heavy duty truck lifts have a lifting capacity ranging from 110,000–120,000 lbs. It features all position safety locks, pivoting approach ramps, and a 6’ 6 7/8” lifting height. Need your lift longer, taller, shorter, wider, or heavier? Call Mohawk now to have yours made to your specifications. The Mohawk TR-110 & TR-120 are proudly designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Fork Truck Service & Maintenance Lifts

Four Post Runway Lift & Mobile Column Lift Adapter

FL-25: Rated at a 25,000 lb. capacity, this six foot rise lift offers full under-carriage access forklift service and maintenance. The Mohawk FL-25 lift is surface mounted and installs in just hours by bolting to the shop’s concrete floor. Adjustable lifting runways accommodate forklifts of any wheelbase width as well as length.

Mobile Column: With a per column capacity rating of 16,000 to 30,000 lbs. Per post, the MP Series lifts range from 32,000 to 240,000 lbs. Easily positioned by one person, the MP series lifts can turn any flat area into a productive work bay for your fork truck service and maintenance.


The Mohawk TR-19 and TR-25 can handle your needs for a bus lift, large truck lift, utility vehicle hoist, and well as lifts for cars, trucks, and vans. And our Mohawk four-post service lifts can accommodate your heavy-lifting needs up to 120,000 lbs!

Optional Lift Equipment & Additional Auto Lift Resources