Customer Testimonial

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is David and I purchased a new Mohawk System Iift, and had it install on 4/22/13. I wanted to share my experience. I started by searching the Internet to see available lifts. There are several and took some time to sort through. Then looked into getting a lift delivered, and install it myself. After considering this option for a moment. I decided with Mohawk. For safety reasons I wanted it installed, to insure proper operation. So, after researching I found in the end, safety and quality were my priority. Not price. So much. After reading pros and cons of lifts. I decided on Mohawk for sure.

Why risk safety and would you risk your 50,000 dollar vehicle to some cheap alternative?

I called “Mohawk Lifts Southwest” and spoke with Mike. He gladly answered all my questions and insisted if I had any more questions he would be glad to discuss them. So after considering options and installation. I called Mike back and purchased my awesome lift. So we discussed install dates and set the day !

Well the day arrived and I was stoked ! Mike and Adam showed up on time with all the right stuff and started the install. These guys are machines! They did a fantastic install in front of my eyes. There is NO WAY I would have tackled this job.

Mike is very professional, informative, and is easy to talk with. Adam is a great worker with a great attitude. Would love to have Adam as a Service Tech in my business. But is better served in what he does, lucky you.

After the lift was up and operational (4 to 5 hours with me asking every question I could, sorry guys.) Adam thoroughly explained every aspect of operation and control of lift. Pointing out your outstanding safety features and quality of construction and most of all, all American made. (YES)!

So after all was done I vowed to see them at the Nevada SEMA show this year 2013!

I can’t say Thanks enough for having such a great job done. My lift is awesome and I would buy nothing else.

Thanks again for a high quality product and American craftsmanship. I look forward to using my lift many years!!!!! I highly recommend anyone buying a lift in Arizona to call Mike at “Mohawk Lifts Southwest”

Thank You,

David C. Arizona

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