Forklift Technicians Deserve Better

Forklift Service LiftsYou don’t hear folks say automotive technicians have it easy. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” says Steve Perlstein, President of Mohawk Lifts. “Some of the hardest working and most creative problem solvers I’ve met are working at the local repair shop.” With new engine technology, vehicle software, and an ever expanding array of electrical components, it’s not easy being a technician. 

Yet while automotive techs have vehicle service lifts to make this difficult job a little bit easier, most forklift technicians in the US don’t have the benefit of a full-rise service lift to make PM’s, Repairs, and Diagnosis more efficient.

“Forklift technicians deserve better,” continued Perlstein. “Forklift techs should benefit from the same safety and productivity benefits that automotive technicians do by using lifts in the shop.”

Hundreds of forklift service companies, in-house forklift technicians, factories, warehouses and distribution centers across the world are using Mohawk’s Forklift Service Equipment, yet the forklift maintenance industry as a whole has been slower to adopt forklift maintenance lifts than their automotive counterparts.

The companies who have taken the time and done the analysis have purchased a Forklift Service Lift from Mohawk. Reliable equipment increases productivity and cuts costs.

“Our track record says it all,” said Perlstein. Mohawk’s Forktruck Service Equipment has fewer wearing parts, uses high quality US parts and steel, and is built for uptime and longevity—all while being built in the U.S. and maintaining price parity with Chinese-made products. “Forklifts are the inspiration behind the design of a Mohawk,” continued Perlstein. “The same “[“ channel mast and sealed roller bearings you find on the ‘business end’ of the forklift is used in our lift. It NEVER wears out and doesn’t see much downtime or maintenance needs.”

Fork Truck Service Lift“If forklift uptime matters, then the quality and dependability of your forklift service lift matters,” said Perlstein. “When your forklift is down, that’s lost productivity. The last thing you want is to call the parts department at the company where the service lift was purchased when all you’re focused on is bringing the forklift back into service.”

Forklift technicians using Mohawk’s 25,000lb Four-Post or 28,000 lb Mobile Fork Truck Service Lifts experience fewer injuries, aches and pains, and are more productive. Their companies reap the same time saving, revenue generation, and asset lifecycle benefits that automotive shop and fleets have benefited from by using a lift for years. “In this case, what’s true for one is true for the other,” added Perlstein.
“We’ve even heard from shops that have reduced the total number of forklifts they buy and operate because they don’t expect one or two forklifts to be down all the time,” said Perlstein.

Rick Martin, Service Director for Les Schwab says of Mohawk’s Lifts in June’s edition of Fleet Maintenance: “We don’t expect a service man to be available in an hour, so we buy lifts that NEVER cause us problems.”  Les Schwab’s 458 locations have used Mohawk Lifts for 25+ years.

“Simply put,” concluded Perlstein, “forklift technicians deserve better, and—their companies—much like the auto shops, are more productive, safer and more profitable with a quality service lift from Mohawk.”