Government Product News

Reprinted with permission of Government Product News, May 1992


Gary Dow of the 94th Army Command (Hanscom Air Force Base, Massachusetts) in charge of fleet maintenance, was given the responsibility for purchasing vehicle service lifts for the ten northeast maintenance facilities under his control. Dow’s lift capacity requirements ranged from HUMVEES to 5 ton trucks.

Dow’s justification for lifts fell under a quick return on investment program (Q.R.I.P.). The department of defense conducted a study comparing lift’s efficiency to that of a mechanic using floor jacks, jack stands and creepers. Results showed a 40 minute time saving per vehicle serviced. Based on the number of vehicles being serviced, (under Dow’s command) the lift purchase equates to a $140,000 cost saving in just the first year. “With several hundred vehicles, the 40 minutes saved per vehicle equated to a lot of unproductive time.”

In the evaluation of the type of lifts to install, above ground lifts were favored. As bases are consolidating, the ease of installation and removal made above ground lifts the best choice. Based on our experience at other facilities and a positive recommendation from M.E.E.P. (Management Equipment Evaluation Program) we decided to install ten Mohawk 12,000 lb. capacity two post lifts. The 12,000 lb. capacity lift will service all our passenger cars, jeeps, pick ups, utility vehicles, ambulances and HUMVEES.

Government Agencies–For a copy of the M.E.E.P. (Management Equipment Evaluation Program) Evaluation on various Mohawk Lifts or a copy of the Q.R.I.P. (Quick Return Investment Procurement) reports, please contact MOHAWK at 518-842-1431.