Mohawk builds heaviest capacity 4 post lift

Albany, NY – Albany county airport GSE shop manager Art Van Praag was faced with a new fleet maintenance issue when he recently received the responsibility of maintaining & servicing the Albany airport Authority’s refueling vehicles.

The largest refueler was a 10,000 gallon Rampmaster truck with a 31′ overall wheelbase. “Given the weight of the 10,000 gallons of fuel, plus the weight of the truck, we determined that at least a 110,000 lb. lift was needed. For safety sake, we decided to purchase a 120,000 lb. capacity ramp style drive-on lift. We looked at the idea of mobile columns, but wanted the absolute security of a 4 post lift, as that’s what the guys in the shop were used to.”

The lift will also be used for our fire/rescue truck, large dumps & other equipment.