Mohawk goes to the ends of the earth!

Look at the North Pole, specifically the white dot 400 miles south of center. This is the “Alert” military base and the furthest northern point of year round human habitation. Our estimate is the Alert base is over 4000 miles north of the Mohawk factory (red dot). Well they just purchased Mohawk mobile column lifts for their vehicle maintenance needs.

First opened in 1958 as Alert Wireless Station, call sign VDH, the station’s name changed to CFB (Canadian Forces Base) Alert as a result of Unification and it became a part of the Canadian Forces Supplementary Radio System.

The station’s mission is to maintain signals intelligence collection and geolocation facilities in support of the Canadian cryptologic program; to maintain radio frequency direction finding facilities in support of search and rescue (SAR) and other programs; and to provide support services to other organizations as directed. During the Cold War, Alert was a key asset in the UKUSA network of SIGINT collection stations.