New lifts raise the bar

In operation since 1981, Mohawk Lifts, Amsterdam, NY, produce vehicle lift products that incorporate a combination of safety systems, design, construction and what the company says is the most inclusive warranty in the lift industry. The company’s environmentally safe above-ground service lifts offer capacities that rang from 6,000 to 320,000 pounds. Mohawk customers include thousands of public and private bus and motorcoach fleets, and repair and maintenance facilities. According to Mohawk, the company is one of the few lift manufacturers whose products have passed rigid third party compliance testing to ANSI/ALI ALCTV-1998.

Mohawk’s hydraulically equalized two post lifts such as models LMF-12 and TP-16 allow the overhead hydraulic lines to be set at any height or routed in-floor for full lifting of all tall trucks and vans. All Mohawk two post lifts feature all position mechanical safety locks in both columns, infinite position hydraulic safeties and truck adaptors as standard equipment.

Mohawk columns are constructed of 3/4-inch thick C-shaped forklift mast sections. All carriages ride on 16 double-sealed self-lubricating steel ball bearing rollers as opposed to  plastic slide blocks, which Mohawk says give the lift a longer life cycle.

Model LMF-12 and TP-16 mid-rise lifts
The Mohawk Lifts Model LMF-12 clear-floor above-ground lift is capable of raising light and medium duty vehicles up to 12,000 lbs. This electric and hydraulic lift features all position mechanical and hydraulic safety mechanisms while allowing total drive through with height adjustable overhead hydraulic lines with Mohawk-patented hydraulic equalization.

The LMF-12 is a twin-cylinder direct-drive design that eliminates the need for chains or cables, and is ideal for medium duty and utility vehicles.

Mohawk Model TP-16 also is a clear floor above ground lift capable of raising medium duty vehicles up to 15,000 lbs. and features automatic locking arms. Mohawk says it makes underground hydraulic line installation available as an option.

Model MP-18 and MP-24 mobile column lifts
With a per column capacity rating of 12,000 to 40,000 lbs. the MP series lift range hefts from 24,000 to 320,000 lbs. Mohawk says one person can easily position the lifts and that models in the MP series turn any flat area into a productive work bay.

The company says the electric-hydraulic systems assure steady and smooth lifting of all vehicles without the use of acme or mechanical screw systems that wear and must be replaced. Each column can operate independently or control all four, six or eight posts in use. Safety systems include electric and hydraulic synchronization systems, pressure compensated flow-control, velocity-fuse valving and all-position mechanical safety locks.