WA-1 & WA-12 Tire Engaging Adaptors

What Makes a Mohawk a Mohawk Brochure (PDF)


  • Allows you to convert your frame contact lift to a wheel engaging lift and back to a frame contact lift quickly and easily
  • Faster vehicle set-up than frame contact lifts
  • Ideal for 13″ through 16″ tires
  • Adaptors quickly disconnect from arms to return to a frame contact lift
  • Standard models fit vehicle wheelbases up to 116 1/2″
  • Optional LMF-12 and TP-16 longer version available with additional 5″ longer swing arm and 5″ longer sliders for wheelbases up to 138″
  • Great for alternate fuel vehicles such as battery, natural gas, propane, etc., where frame access is difficult
  • Use on the front arms, rear arms or all arms
  • Keeps tires at “street level” for exhaust work
  • The advantages of a 4 post ramp lift, with the versatility and flexibility of a 2 post frame contact lift yet takes up less valuable shop space than would any 4 post lift
  • Available for MOHAWK 10,000, 12,000, 16,000 or 18,000 lb. capacity two post lifts
Shown above on Mohawk Model System IA with 120″ Inside Post Setting Specifications Subject to Change without Notice

2 Post Automotive Storage Lift
Adaptors accommodate 13″ through 16″ tires and quickly attach to the ends of the swing arms.
Two post vehicle storage lift
Using the wheel engaging adaptors on your MOHAWK LIFTS makes vehicle set-up quick and easy. Especially for vehicles with hard to reach frames

MODEL WA-1 capacity is 6,000 lbs. (1500 lbs.per arm) designed for the MOHAWK SYSTEM 1 LIFT
MODEL-12 capacity is 9,000 lbs. (2250 lbs.per arm) designed for both the MOHAWK LMF-12 and TP-16 LIFTS