Choosing the Right Lift

By: Steve Perlstein

With all the lift choices available to today’s shop owners, if we wrote about every type, size and style available, it would require an entire issue of Auto International.. The choice of two post, four post, parallelogram, scissors, in-ground and mobile lifts, can leave lift buyers wondering which is best. AI decided to write about the two post, above ground lift in the 7,000 to 16,000 lb capacity for many: reasons #1 They’re the most popular lift amongst AI readers. #2 This type lift represents over 2/3rds, of the lifts being sold, #3 While some shops still use inground lifts there has been a significant trend toward replacing these in-grounds with surface mounted lifts. #4 Finally, we chose the two post lift because, they take up less shop space, leave the wheels hanging free and give shops the most undercar access. This story will explain the details and differences of different two post lifts – The most popular lifts in the world.

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