2 Post Lifts

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Questions To Ask Before You Buy A 2 Post Lift

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1. Where is the lift and all components manufactured?

Headquartered in Amsterdam, N.Y Mohawk lifts are proudly designed, welded, and manufactured in the U.S.A. Buying American made products ensures parts and service availability, supports the U.S economy, and supports the American workforce.

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2. Do the carriages ride up and down on double sealed self lubricating ball bearing rollers, plastic slide blocks, friction blocks, or rub blocks?

Mohawk’s carriages ride up and down on double sealed self lubricating ball bearing rollers.

Fork Lift Channel & bearing (bottom) vs. plastic sliders
Mohawk’s carriage rides on double sealed ball bearings

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3. How many anchor bolts are securing the column to the shop floor?

Mohawk’s large base with 8 lag bolts per side gives stability to the lift, while distributing the load to the shop floor. Some competing brands use 4 bolts per side.

Mohawk footprint
Competing brand footprint

4. Does the lift have a clear floor and an adjustable height overhead hydraulic line (or an overhead piece of sheet metal to limit lifting height or make the lift too tall to fit in the bay)?

Mohawk Lifts two post lifts easily adjustable overhead stainless steel hydraulic lines can be set at any height (or routed in floor) to accommodate all tall trucks and vans or used in low ceiling shops. Competitive lifts using rubber hoses get old, brittle, break and need replacing. Mohawk lifts DO NOT use height restrictive overhead cable covers that limit lifting height, and you’ll never replace a stainless steel hydraulic line.

Competitor pictures that show bent overhead beams that restrict lifting height.

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5. Does the lift use stainless steel hydraulic lines or rubber hydraulic hoses?

Mohawk uses stainless steel hydraulic lines that accommodate tall trucks and low ceiling shops.

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6. Does the lift offer a turf kit adaptor to quickly covert and also service turf maintenance equipment?

Mohawk Lifts offers a turf kit to turn vehicle lifts into turf maintenance lifts.

Mohawk’s turf kit is available for all Mohawk 9,000-16,000 lb capacity two post lifts and offers full under-vehicle access and safety with 6’ working height. Installation is a simple and quick one man job and Mohawk’s turf kit takes less valuable shop space than a 4 post lift.

7. How low are the swing arms to get under low riding vehicles?

Mohawk’s 10,000 lb capacity swing arms are only 3 ½” on the System I  lift (4” on the 3 stage TP-16 16,000 lb capacity lift) to fit under cars with sagging springs, a “dead” air bag or sports cars with low ground clearance. Mohawk’s arms allow lifting of vehicles from large utility trucks, to short wheelbase sub-compact cars, and low riding cars.

8. Is the lift equipped with adjustable height lift pads (or are they an optional piece of equipment to buy)?

Mohawk’s 12,000-30,000 lb two post lifts are equipped with Mohawk’s 5″, 7 1/2″ and 10″ stackable lift adaptor pads for hard to reach vehicle frames. (Mohawk’s 7,000 -lb two post lifts are equipped with Mohawk’s 3” stackable lift adaptor pads and Mohawk’s 10,000 lb two post lifts are equipped with Mohawk’s 6” stackable lift adaptor pads.

9. How large are the swing arm bolts (to maintain level swing arms vs. arms that droop)?

All Mohawk’s two-post swing arm bolts are 1 1/8” in diameter (7,000 thru 30,000 lb models).

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10. Does the lift include truck adaptors or are they optional?

Mohawk Lift’s two post lifts include truck adaptors.

11. Do the mechanical safety locks start engaging immediately or not until 18 or 24"(or do the locks not start until 18” or 24” of travel meaning tire rotation might be being done with the lift not resting on the mechanical locks)?

Mohawk’s all position mechanical safeties lock start at 5” off the floor and engage every 3”.

Two Post Auto Lift Safety Features

At Mohawk, building a safer lift is more important than saving a few manufacturing dollars by designing the locks to start at 24”.

12. Is the lift ALI/ETL certified to meet the one and only national nationally recognized safety standard for vehicle lifts?

ALI-Validated_logo-300x236Mohawk’s models A-7, System I, LMF-12, TP-16, TP-18, TP-20, TP-26, and TP-30 are ALI/ETL certified to meet the one and only nationally recognized OSHA and building code standard safety standard for vehicle lifts.



13. Will the lift fit into a 10'6" ceiling bay and still fully raise a 4' tall car?

With no obstructive cable cover Mohawk’s two posts lifts are capable of fitting into a 10’6” ceiling bay and fully raising a 4’ tall car or able to be extended to fully raise taller trucks without limiting lifting height.

Mohawk Lifts
Bent Overhead Beam
Overhead Shutoff Limits Lifting Height

Additional competitor pictures that show overhead beams that restrict lifting height.

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14. Does the lift rise a full 6' UNDERNEATH the swing arms or 6' when measured to the top of the swing arm?

All Mohawk lift cylinders stroke a full 6’ while most brands only stroke 5’7” or 5’8” which reduces head clearance for taller technicians.

15. Does the lift operate with a cable (wire rope), a leaf chain, or on a direct drive lifting system?

Mohawk uses #646 or #848 High Strength leaf chains (or direct drive lifting which unlike cable operated lifts means no cables to fray, wear, or replace) which don’t fray like competitor cables.

Mohawk’s A-7 Chain Design
Chain Vs. Cable

16. Does the lift have both internal and external hydraulic safeties?

Mohawk’s patented infinite position, internal hydraulic safeties, are backed by external pressure compensated flow controls and velocity fuse valving. Were a stainless steel line ever to rupture, the hydraulic safeties would cause the lift to immediately lock.

17. How large are the cylinders that power the lift?

Mohawk’s large 4” cylinders equal longer seal life and lower operating pressures vs. competitive cylinders.


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18. Are the swing arm welds finished or just cut steel?

Mohawk “finishes” swing arms with 360 degrees welded end-caps for added strength.

Chinese brand lift

19. Does the lifting carriage cradle the swing arm or is the swing arm bolted outside the carriage?

Mohawk’s swing arms are supported by the carriage’s shelf. This shelf tightly grips the swing arms vs arms that grab the carriage which aren’t as strong and lead to sagging arms.

20. When standing under a lift do you want a single locking system or a dual locking system?

At Mohawk Lifts safety comes first. Mohawk’s two post lifts have dual mechanical locks on both columns.

Automobile Lift Safety

21. If extending the overhead height, how much will it cost for lengthening the steel hydraulic lines(vs. longer steel cables and cylinders, additional overhead height extenders, additional high pressure hose, longer safety cables and additional installation costs)?

Make sure to compare before you purchase. Mohawk’s 3’ extension costs $235 (list price).

22. Does the lift have a 25 year structural and 10 year mechanical warranty?

Mohawk Lifts are built to last a lifetime. Mohawk’s two-post lifts include a 25 year structural 10 year mechanical warranty.

  • Rotary lifts have a 2 year warranty if installed by a Rotary authorized installer and 1 year if not.
  • Bendpak lifts have a 1 year warranty.
  • Challenger lifts have a 1-2 year warranty (model dependant)

Mohawk: The Lifts You Can’t Wear Out

23. Does the lift offer a foam door guard?

Mohawk offers an optional foam door guard because lift carriages are made of steel and even experienced service managers or techs have accidentally opened a vehicle door into the lift column possibly resulting in a scratch or small dent. Unlike comparative hard plastic door protectors, Mohawk foam door guard is 2” thick to prevent door damage.

Foam Two Post Auto Lift Door ProtectorAuto Lift Door Protector

24. If you were going to jump from an airplane, would you want the best parachute made or the cheapest?

Of course you want the best parachute.

Photo shows Mohawk Lifts purchasing agent Bob Schuyler (far left) skydiving.

For over 30 years Mohawk has manufactured the highest quality, safest auto and truck lifts available. For those who care about safety, quality, and longevity, Mohawk is the #1 lift supplier for garages, independent shops, government, state, utility, and fleet lifting requirements. Mohawk’s popularity is based on a combination of safety systems, design, construction, and the most inclusive warranty in the lift industry.

Mohawk is one of the few lift manufacturers whose products have passed rigid third party compliance testing to ANSI/ALI ALCTV-2010. Certification of ANSI compliance has become important to lift specifiers & users. Demand certification by looking for the ALI Certified and ETL Listed marks.

25. As “price” and “cost” are two different things, do you want the least expensive lift to buy or the least expensive lift to own?

Mohawk’s two post lifts are the least expensive lifts to own and are backed by a 25 year warranty.

You and Mohawk know there’s a big difference between a products price and it’s cost. A Mohawk lift may have a higher initial price, yet a Mohawk lift is the least expensive lift you’ll ever own (longevity, lack of parts, life-cycle cost).

26. For stability, how large is the base (footprint) of the lift?

Mohawk’s large and stable footprint measures 30” wide and is made of 3/4” thick steel plate. Mohawk’s large base with 8 lag bolts gives stability to the lift, while distributing the load to the shop floor.

The top photo shows a Mohawk System I 10,000 lb lift’s stable footprint at 30” wide made of ¾” thick steel.

Please note the number of anchor bolts used on competing brands.

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27. Is the lift footprint made of 3/4" steel plate?

Mohawk’s lift footprint is 30” wide made of 3/4” thick plate steel.

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28. Does the lift offer a lifetime cylinder warranty?

All of Mohawk’s two post lifts come standard with a limited lifetime cylinder warranty. Mohawk’s two post models include A-7, SYSTEM IA-10, LMF-12, LC-12, TP-16, TP-18, TP-20, TP-26, & TP-30. Competing brands have a 1 to 2 year warranty.

29. Does the lift offer a weight gauge?

Mohawk Lifts offers a weight gauge to verify the lift has been lowered onto the mechanical locks.

Mohawk’s weight gauge will increase each bays income by $50/week. (used as a diagnostic and sales tool to sell better brakes, tires, or load levelers instead of just shocks to your customers).

Mohawk’s safety weight gauge will:

  • aid in vehicle diagnosis by measuring weight within 3% accuracy
  • install directly into the hydraulic system
  • be easy to read
  • be used as a diagnostic sales tool, the weight gauge will help you sell better quality and higher margin brake parts, shocks, tires, etc.
  • be available for all Mohawk two-post lifts
  • allow techs and shop managers to know the lift has been lowered and is locked on the mechanical locks
  • be ALI/ETL certified

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30. Does the lift offer a SPEEDLANE for increased shop productivity and faster loading and unloading of the vehicle?

Mohawk Lifts offers an ALI/ETL certified Speedlane option available for 10,000 thru 18,000 lb capacity two post lifts. The Speedlane turns your two post lift into a quick drive-on lift, provides full under vehicle access, and allows wheels to hand free for tire, brake, and under-vehicle access.

The Speedlane doesn’t require inexperienced techs to position the swing arms. This will increase shop safety and productivity.

Drive On Two Post Adaptor

31. Is the column made of 3/4" thick high strength fork lift mast or 1/8" thick bent sheet metal?

Mohawk’s columns are made with US made thick high strength fork lift mast.

Mohawk fork lift channel & bearing (top right) VS. 3 different sheet metal columns which use plastic slides. Like a fork lifts mast, Mohawk lifts DO NOT WEAR OUT!

This image compares column thickness of various brands using a U.S. Quarter on each cross-section for reference

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